5 Top Cities to Live and Work in

Have Resume, Will Immigrate? Whether it’s nomadic blood or a gypsy soul, some people just have the urge to explore faraway places. They have the need to delve into foreign customs and to be immersed in cultural diversity. But those who have itchy feet and feel the need to move overseas have to do their [...]

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5 Trends in HR for 2017

What’s Changed in HR, and what are HR Leaders Doing About it? While some call it obstacles, thought leaders recognize shifting times as growth and know that the hurdles they face are merely trends they have to adapt to – and even use to progress. 2017 has seen massive shifts in company dynamics and leaders [...]

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Great Places to Work in 2017 According to HR Site

Are you itching for change? If you need a new hairstyle, you’d go to a hairdresser right? Well if you are considering changing jobs; remember the grass is not always greener on the other side – you should get a professional’s input before you take the leap. Just like you’re not going to let your [...]

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What the New Levy Means to Apprentices

We all have to work to afford to live in what we perceive as comfort, and we have to start somewhere. Some of us are natural born academics, and spending years in university followed by an internship is a great way to start life in the working world. For others an apprenticeship would be an [...]

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Relocation in 7 Simple Steps

Job relocation is life-changing and can be very stressful. Even if you are super excited about a new position and environment, the move there is still bound to be challenging. The good news is that, when you are selected for job relocation, it usually means that your talents have been noticed and that you are [...]

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Top 10 Places to Work in 2017

The Definitive List of Top Places to Work Employees looking around for a new place of work will be thrilled to see that the annual Glassdoor Employee’s Choice Best Places to Work was recently unveiled. Founded in 2007 by Tim Besse, Robert Hohman and Rich Barton, Glassdoor is an online portal where employees and former [...]

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A Strategic Approach to Hiring New Staff

Finding the Best New Talent to Match Your Company’s Expanding Needs Nothing can be better than company growth. The excitement of a new product launch or office openings not only boosts morale but solidifies your company’s market position as a leader in the field. But, all of this good news can be completely erased if [...]

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How HR Pros are Analysing Soft Skills in Interviews

A dynamic CV and a strong cover letter may help HR professionals identify which applicants to call in for interviews. But, unless you are very lucky, if the interview is not conducted effectively it is not always possible to determine which candidate is the best fit for the company. The Right Candidate Will Have the [...]

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Top 10 HR Issues – And What to do About Them

Every HR team is faced with problems like enforcing policies across the company, and in the basic running of the department. HR professionals in the UK have compiled key solutions to ten of the most prevalent HR issues in the UK. 1. Recruitment Of course hiring is an integral part of the HR function and [...]

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21st Century HR Transformation

Four Futuristic Roles Powering HR Departments Great people make a great company - but it is often challenging to attract terrific team members. Employee-centered policies are fast becoming essential for contemporary companies to stay relevant in increasingly competitive recruitment drives. With talent now being the hottest commodity in business, a much needed makeover is taking [...]

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