Moving Employees Abroad?

  Moving Employees Abroad? Don’t Forget These Essential HR Tasks So many companies are operating on a global scale these days that more and more employees are being given opportunities to work abroad, or work remotely from any location. Because these workers are aware of company culture and are already known and trusted, [...]

Effectively Managing Change

Effectively Managing Change Business phraseology these days has turned change management into a term that incorporates anything to do with any kind of organisational shift, and rightly so. Change management has become vital to managers implementing any new initiative in the corporate world, no matter what is included. Nomenclature and jargon aside, change [...]

Transparency Is the Key

Transparency Is the Key Since the social media storm hit the world in the past decade or so there has been a shift in how employees search for and digest career opportunities. Social media is fast moving to the forefront of recruitment platforms. Take a step back to only a few short years [...]

When Social Media Becomes a Problem

When Social Media Becomes a Problem What to Do About Negative Tweets and Posts from Employees The social media hyper-trend of the 21st century is not subsiding, and as with every other popular trend, it comes with its share of problems. One problem is when employees make negative public statements about the company [...]

Why Big Data Makes Things Better for Employer

Why Big Data Makes Things Better for Employer HR professionals and employers are urged to embrace the trend of big data as quickly as it has emerged. According to recent studies and surveys done by SAS and Towers Watson, big data analytics will be implemented in thousands of organisations by 2018. The Towers [...]

Productive Employees are More Valuable

Productive Employees are More Valuable Boost Productivity and Get Ahead In an increasingly tough job market every employee strives for job security and a clear career path. Sadly, many get left behind when it comes to promotions. It is up to workers to stand out from the crowd and make sure that they [...]

The Remote Revolution

The Remote Revolution Despite reservations, working remotely has become commonplace, especially for employees in technology roles. But programmers, web developers and SEO specialists are not the only workers enjoying the flexibility a virtual office gives. Copywriters, translators, designers and PR specialists are offering their freelance services to a global clientele. You don't even [...]

What Recruiters Hate Seeing on Resumes

What Recruiters Hate Seeing on Resumes The job market is increasingly competitive and it takes more than experience and a good education to land your dream job. You also need things like a positive attitude and communication skills to help you shine at the interview; if you get there. Before you are even [...]

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