The Definitive List of Top Places to Work

Employees looking around for a new place of work will be thrilled to see that the annual Glassdoor Employee’s Choice Best Places to Work was recently unveiled.

Founded in 2007 by Tim Besse, Robert Hohman and Rich Barton, Glassdoor is an online portal where employees and former employees can anonymously review companies they worked at. The site even posts salary averages and managerial reviews, giving job hunters multifaceted insight into prospective employers long before they even consider lodging an application.

The Glassdoor List

Whether it is rated for culture, benefits or merely for the free food, the ratings come straight from the horse’s mouth and here they are – the top 10 large American companies based on the selections and ratings of unidentified employees.

power-home-remodeling10. Power Home Remodeling

Up from 15th spot in 2016, Power Home Remodeling has crept into the top 10 for the first time. According to employees, the opportunity for growth is phenomenal and everybody at this family owned business care about each other.


adobe9. Adobe

Adobe was in the top 10 back in 2009 and has consistently been rated in the top 50. This year 9th place goes to the company that offers incredible benefits like a month of paid paternity leave and a 10k match on charitable donations.


linkedin8. LinkedIn

Down from 6th spot in 2016 LinkedIn still offers above average pay and a management philosophy of leadership, leverage and results. Employees feel valued and enjoy the benefits like free food, and a gym stipend of US$2,000 a year.


in-n-out-burge7. In-N-Out Burger

Another rising star up from 13th place in 2016 In-N-Out Burger has great reviews for flexible scheduling, great pay and a fun atmosphere. Employees also rave about getting management training.


fast-enterprises6. Fast Enterprises

A family atmosphere makes teamwork easy at Fast Enterprises which has been in the top 10 for four consecutive years now. The annual free retreat for employees and their families is also a big hit.


world-wide-technology5. World Wide Technology

Listed for the first time in 2016 in 12th place, World Wide Technology employees love the work/life balance and the culture at WWT. Hardly any employees have anything negative to say about the company.


google 4. Google

In the top 10 since 2012, Google is famous for bringing fun into the workplace. Free food, amazing parties, overnight trips and dog friendly offices are only some of the many perks at Google.


boston-consulting-group3. Boston Consulting Group

Also not a newcomer to the top 10, Boston Consulting Group is always a serious contender for its excellent career progression opportunities, collaborative culture and excellent compensation and benefits.


facebook-squarelogo-13818104792722. Facebook

Not only the most popular social media site, Facebook is also one of the most popular places to work. Employees love Facebook for its diversity, its open culture and the engagement from Mark Zuckerberg himself.


bain-and-company1. Bain & Company

Bain & Company has not taken less than 4th spot since 2009, and this is the third time the company has achieved 1st place. According to employees, this is the place where you can have fun solving the toughest problems faced by the industry and also where you can learn more than anywhere else.