Finding the Best New Talent to Match Your Company’s Expanding Needs

Nothing can be better than company growth. The excitement of a new product launch or office openings not only boosts morale but solidifies your company’s market position as a leader in the field. But, all of this good news can be completely erased if the process of hiring new staff is not done in a strategic, patient and methodical way.

Strategic Planning is Key

Within the corporate strategic plan there should be anticipated benchmarks of where you expect to be three, six, 12 months down the road. Estimate dates during the upcoming year when you will need to add a new regional manager, sales manager or temporary employees to your staff. With this information in hand, you can begin the process of hiring new or temporary staff without the stress of deadlines.

Corporate Culture is Key to Successful Expansion

When considering candidates for full-time, or temporary positions, it is important to keep in mind not only their credentials, but also the corporate culture within the office. The new hires might have great resumes, but if they clash with your corporate culture, long-time employees are going to be unhappy, the new hires will be frustrated and altogether you will lose the cohesive working environment that made you a success.

Streamline the Interview Process and bring it In-House

It can be easy, especially during peak times, to turn over the hiring of new employees to an outside employment agency. These agencies are great because they have access to a large pool of candidates and can work quickly. But the staff they send may not be prepared to perform well within your company’s environment. Task out candidate interviews to a select team of trained managers within your office so that the right questions are asked and no one, not the potential hire or your staff are overtaxed from the process.

With these strategies, you should enjoy a smooth journey as you continue to move forward in capturing market share and improving your brand in the marketplace.