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5 Top Cities to Live and Work in

Have Resume, Will Immigrate? Whether it’s nomadic blood or a gypsy soul, some people just have the urge to explore faraway places. They have the need to delve into foreign customs and to be immersed in cultural diversity. But those who have itchy feet and feel the need to move overseas have to do their homework carefully. Every city has its own unique traits and a multitude of factors have [...]

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5 Trends in HR for 2017

What’s Changed in HR, and what are HR Leaders Doing About it? While some call it obstacles, thought leaders recognize shifting times as growth and know that the hurdles they face are merely trends they have to adapt to – and even use to progress. 2017 has seen massive shifts in company dynamics and leaders in the HR field are tackling many challenges they weren’t facing in early 2016. Over [...]

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Great Places to Work in 2017 According to HR Site

Are you itching for change? If you need a new hairstyle, you’d go to a hairdresser right? Well if you are considering changing jobs; remember the grass is not always greener on the other side – you should get a professional’s input before you take the leap. Just like you’re not going to let your gardener trim your hair, it is best to consult an expert before you consider changing [...]

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What the New Levy Means to Apprentices

We all have to work to afford to live in what we perceive as comfort, and we have to start somewhere. Some of us are natural born academics, and spending years in university followed by an internship is a great way to start life in the working world. For others an apprenticeship would be an ideal first step to the start of their careers. Apprenticeships Have Become Outdated In years [...]

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Relocation in 7 Simple Steps

Job relocation is life-changing and can be very stressful. Even if you are super excited about a new position and environment, the move there is still bound to be challenging. The good news is that, when you are selected for job relocation, it usually means that your talents have been noticed and that you are recognized as a valuable asset to your company. This is not only good for your [...]

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Top 10 Places to Work in 2017

The Definitive List of Top Places to Work Employees looking around for a new place of work will be thrilled to see that the annual Glassdoor Employee’s Choice Best Places to Work was recently unveiled. Founded in 2007 by Tim Besse, Robert Hohman and Rich Barton, Glassdoor is an online portal where employees and former employees can anonymously review companies they worked at. The site even posts salary averages and [...]

A Strategic Approach to Hiring New Staff

Finding the Best New Talent to Match Your Company’s Expanding Needs Nothing can be better than company growth. The excitement of a new product launch or office openings not only boosts morale but solidifies your company’s market position as a leader in the field. But, all of this good news can be completely erased if the process of hiring new staff is not done in a strategic, patient and methodical [...]

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How HR Pros are Analysing Soft Skills in Interviews

A dynamic CV and a strong cover letter may help HR professionals identify which applicants to call in for interviews. But, unless you are very lucky, if the interview is not conducted effectively it is not always possible to determine which candidate is the best fit for the company. The Right Candidate Will Have the Right Soft Skills Soft skills can determine a good fit and HR teams are taking [...]

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Top 10 HR Issues – And What to do About Them

Every HR team is faced with problems like enforcing policies across the company, and in the basic running of the department. HR professionals in the UK have compiled key solutions to ten of the most prevalent HR issues in the UK. 1. Recruitment Of course hiring is an integral part of the HR function and calls for finding staff with the correct blend of skills, motivation and personality – this [...]

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21st Century HR Transformation

Four Futuristic Roles Powering HR Departments Great people make a great company - but it is often challenging to attract terrific team members. Employee-centered policies are fast becoming essential for contemporary companies to stay relevant in increasingly competitive recruitment drives. With talent now being the hottest commodity in business, a much needed makeover is taking place in HR. The 21st Century Transformation New technologies are being navigated and focus is [...]

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Mind Maps for Corporate Success

What’s so amazing about Mind Maps? Before anything major occurs in a company, one thing has to happen without fail - decisions have to be made. A good example is in sales. Before any deal is done in the corporate world, the sales team has to work on getting the client interested in doing business, and even before that, the decision to pursue the deal has to be made. The [...]

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Can Hiring Blindly Reduce Discrimination?

Most HR professionals will know that the demographic background of a candidate plays a huge role in the hiring process - whether it is intentional or not. Even the corporate giant Google, who is known for great employee benefits, is obviously biased. Employee demographics of the tech company were released in 2014 with interesting results. A merge 2% of its employees were from African origin, and only 3% were Latino, [...]

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Top Tech Trends for Progressive HR People

In a rapidly evolving business landscape, it is vital that HR leaders keep up with the latest trends, especially in technology. Every aspect of our lives has been infiltrated by an enormous wave of technology, and the contemporary HR function is highly reliant on this giant to keep processes running smoothly. How Technology Is Used in HR HR tech is extensively used in areas like recruitment, compensation, benefits, and performance [...]

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The HR Crystal Ball Predicts

With every year that rolls in, the HR landscape shifts faster and faster. It is no longer one of those ‘less than important’ departments your company had - only if it could afford it, or just another function for the accounts department. The importance of HR is finally recognized and with this the trends are evolving faster and faster. These are the changes the experts are predicting for this coming [...]

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From Food to Pharma

Greg Lawless Joins Akorn as Chief Human Resources Officer Generic pharma giant Akorn announced that Gregory P. Lawless has joined their company in the capacity of Chief Human Resources Office in early January 2016. Akorn is a leading manufacturer of generic pharmaceuticals. The company is involved developing, manufacturing and marketing of pharmaceutical products and have facilities in various locations throughout the United States, and also in Hettlingen in Switzerland and [...]

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ADP vs. Zenefits

Payroll Companies Legal Battle Draws to a Close Well-known payroll company ADP instigated a lawsuit against new kid on the block Zenefits after a series of events resulted in a legal battle. The drawn out courtroom scuffle lasted months until the case was finally dropped in late October 2015. A Lack in Security of Identifying Information The clash started in June when ADP blocked Zenefits' small business client base from [...]

Hot Drinks = Happy Employees

Can Coffee Improve Office Culture? Everybody knows about the exceptional employee benefits up for grabs at companies like Google Twitter and Facebook. These intrepid social media giants offer employees perks like top-class healthcare, generous parental leave and, believe it or not, stocked kitchens with free drinks. What Really Perks Employees Up Most executives working in cut-throat industries have something in common. The first thing they grab in the morning is [...]

HR and Social Media – It’s a Love Affair

Why HR Pros Love Social Media Social media is continuously evolving. To some it might still be about teens taking selfies and an endless stream of food pics/cute baby pics/motivational messages. To others it is a marketing tool. The truth is that social media has transcended beyond the confines of entertainment and marketing. Social Media Is Today's Digital Word of Mouth It is also HR's best friend and HR is [...]

Days Inn Franchise Under Fire for Racism and Poor Hygiene

Filthy Practices and Racist Actions The Days Inn Former employees of a Days Inn in Florida are accusing the hotel owner of racial discrimination and shocking housekeeping policies. Instigator and chief plaintiff Charlena Williams is one of several African-American employees who allegedly had their employment terminated by the owner of the hotel franchise because of the colour of their skins. The disgruntled employees filed a lawsuit at the [...]

What the top ERP systems can do for Businesses

Five Enterprise Tools to Improve HR Efficiency Companies all over the world have benefited from Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Because of ERP platforms, human resources, logistics, finance, customer relations and other departments can be linked together in one place. It Makes Things Simpler, Faster and More Effective With an ERP platform all related data is already consolidated, negating the need to synchronise. It provides an enterprise view of real-time information [...]

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Find Prime Candidates – Just Pick up the Phone and Call

Passive Recruiting is Trending This Year Research has shown that the top three places for candidates to look for work are online job boards, employment agencies and at networking events.Unless recruiters are able to identify potential candidates at these events, they are forced to search through CVs on job boards or to advertise the role and go through applications when they start coming in. Personnel agents and employers are often [...]

15 Female HR Powerhouses

After years of gender bias, women are finally making waves in the corporate world as educated, determined, ambitious and powerful leaders. Although it is still moving slower than we would like it to, progress is being made in terms of equal pay and equality in decision-making. The list of women who are working tirelessly to claim their space in the business arena is growing fast. Hard-Hitting Women in HR Online [...]

Corporate Teambuilding – the Nikuv Way

Employees are the backbone and top assets of every flourishing company, and keeping them motivated is vital. In the dynamic and fast-paced daily grind this is sometimes a formidable task; regular team building days have a positive and motivational effect on employees. Make It Happen Every company has its own unique team and the team building event should be selected accordingly. There is a huge range of indoor and outdoor [...]

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Ten Years, Six Major HR Trends

Trends come and go, and vary geographically and according to industry. The past decade has seen exponential growth in technology and a shifting international economy; the trends match. Here are some of the most notable developments over the past ten years in the HR world. 1. No The economic slump has created the trend of No. No raises, no bonuses, no overtime pay, and sometimes no work. Employees feel that [...]

Why Industry Giants are Hiring Inexperienced Staff Members

Why Industry Giants are Hiring Inexperienced Staff Members It is not the start-ups with low budgets that are hiring low-experience employees; lately it’s the larger companies who are more likely to take this route. The National Bureau of Economic Research published a paper in which it was found that experienced candidates had a 3.75% higher chance of being hired by smaller companies in comparison to the paltry 1.75% chance of [...]

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How Many Geeks does it take to Change a Light Bulb?

Who cares, it only takes a couple to completely overhaul your average HR department. Automation is becoming evident in every aspect of our lives - from using smartphones to run things in our homes to using wearable tech, like the FitBit, or nano-engineered material. It is about time that Human Resources departments start getting serious about embracing all the future can offer in terms of high-tech solutions. Analytics/anəˈlɪtɪks - noun [...]

The Top 15 Jobs for 2015

The aptly named HR community website Glassdoor prides itself on transparency, and that is why we were eager to hear which jobs they ranked as being the 'top jobs' in the US for the coming year. Rankings are made on the basis of three factors: •  How much you can earn in the job, based on the current annual average •  What the job's career rating is, worked out with [...]

Employee Appreciation Day 2015

It's easy for employers and employees to get bogged down by the daily grind. With all the pressures of work, a little bit of appreciation goes a long way. But things move so fast; one day rolls into the next and employers hardly get time to take a breather, never mind stop to take a moment to appreciate their employees. Friday 6 March was Employee Appreciation Day. This day was [...]

Please don’t let HR be misunderstood

In a recent study made by Harvey Nash it was discovered that HR professionals are becoming increasingly dissatisfied with their roles. The small percentage of respondents who claim to be very satisfied with their positions dropped from 37% to an even smaller 32% in the past year. The survey also reported a 7% drop in the general belief that HR plays an important role in business. So, What Do Those [...]

How Does an HR Manager Vanish?

Jia Lining, a 45 year old HR manager, was confirmed as missing on Monday 19 January 2015. Jia worked for the Chinese arm of the French telecom company Alcatel-Lucent Shanghai Bell. In response to widespread allegations about suspected foul play being insinuated in the media, Alcatel-Lucent reported that they had lost all contact with Jia Lining. The company also claimed that they were doing everything in their power to help [...]

Is Hong Kong Ready for Generation Z?

The first wave of Generation Z is about to start washing into workplaces around the world. As with every other generation, these young people have been shaped into what they are today by their environment before entering the working world. Mobilising these 14–19 year old up and coming individuals has been a much discussed subject in the Hong Kong business world recently; this is the next generation to make or [...]

Google Honors Veterans with More than Platitudes

On Veterans Day 2014 on November 11, Google launched a special Google Doodle on its US site to recognize the contributions and sacrifices of those who served in the armed forces. Like many of the internet giant’s rotating home page ‘doodles’ this logo was a link, and it took users through to a special recruitment site for US army veterans, with a landing page entitled “Veterans make great Googlers.”. In [...]

‘Tis the Season: More Holiday Shoppers Means More Workers

Retailers and Shipping Companies Get an Early Start on Recruiting Seasonal Workers Well ahead of the holiday season, national companies and retailers began to beef up their workforce. United Parcel Service (UPS), for instance, initiated their recruitment efforts in August. HR executives intend to hire 10,000 more seasonal workers than last year, adding 90–95,000 workers to keep up with the millions of packages that will be shipped across the country. Kohl’s, [...]

What Happened to That Great New Hire?

Colleges and universities across America are churning out young talented graduates, many of whom are finding their way to top-tier companies. But, whereas employees of the past possessed a strong ethic of loyalty to the company, the generation of today—the millennials—give no thought to such loyalty. They are driven solely by the desire to create the best future for themselves, and to grow and prosper in their career field. This [...]

The Evolution of the Human Resources Manager

In a December 2014 Harvard Business Review article on the subject of leadership development, a startling new trend is revealed: the Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) has moved from the back office corner to the corporate suite. In the case of some companies, the CHRO is moving into the office of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). What happened? A Quiet Revolution Over the last 15 years, the human resources department [...]

High Technology: the Great Equalizer in all Things but Salaries

Gender Imbalance Persists The advance of high technology has created tremendous shifts in public access to education, information, health care, and economic opportunities for societies across the globe, but one thing has remained constant—men are still paid more than women. The gap has closed a bit at some of the leading high-tech companies, and in several countries, the gap has actually evaporated. In Norway, Finland and Iceland, for instance, high-tech [...]

Are You Selling Your Company to Prospective Employees?

A job interview is a two way process – it is vital that the candidate impresses you but don’t forget this is your chance to impress them as well. Changing jobs is a big decision and in order to attract the top talent on the market, you need to make sure that what you are offering is better than what your competitors are offering. What's the Real Reason They Are [...]

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