Transparency Is the Key

Since the social media storm hit the world in the past decade or so there has been a shift in how employees search for and digest career opportunities. Social media is fast moving to the forefront of recruitment platforms.

Take a step back to only a few short years ago, to say 2008… did you know what Twitter was? Only the most technologically inclined people had a clue of what the little blue bird was all about, and even the majority of these people had serious doubts about whether it would last. Like most people, I also thought that 140 characters are ridiculously limited – until the unthinkable happened.

Twitter Became the in Thing
Social recruitment

Not only as a popular social media playground, but also as a super cool SEO super-tool, a place where you can keep updated with events, get quick answers to questions or even as a platform for venting frustration. Everybody started tweeting. Years ago when reading newspapers was the thing to do, that is where the job ads went, right? But online media streams have started taking over newspapers in readership so the obvious next step was to place job ads in the places people are frequenting – and that just happens to be social media streams like Twitter and Facebook. The great thing about this shift is that employers can now use this to their advantage in the recruitment process.

Benefits of Social Media Streams in Recruitment

The most obvious benefit of employers using social media to recruit is how openly information is displayed. Social media is transparent and this is something that is often lacking in traditional recruitment. Typically an employee would respond to an ad with a tailored CV, portraying what they would imagine the employer wants to see. Should this be successful, they would go for an interview in which they, once again, portray what they believe the employer is looking for. Whether it is an honest representation of their skills and personality will only be revealed once they start working, which is too late if they were not honest.

It Is a Different Story in Social Media

By looking at the online social presence of potential employees recruiters can gain deeper insight into the applicants before inviting them to be interviewed. Even though a tweet is only a few characters long it is amazing what you can learn about a person with what they squeeze into such a small space. Facebook is as revealing, if not more so. What employees say and how they interact in a social setting online are clear indicators of how they would interact socially at work. It can also reveal other potential issues like bad habits, issues with dealing with personal problems and how they portray their current employers socially.

Transparency from Both Sides

This useful transparency can also work in a reverse way whereby you can provide some transparency about your company culture. By making information about what it is like to work there, events that you are hosting or even what employees are like available, you are making your company a more attractive place to work at. This opens your doors to a better quality employee – the ones who can pick and choose who they want to work for.