Real Life Secrets for Graduates

Real Advice for Young Employees About to Launch Their Careers

When you start working it is like every new thing. First steps, first date, first driving lesson. You don’t know what to expect, and you certainly don’t know how to respond to it. By using these simple tips, employees are in a better position to make the transition into the working world smoother and simpler.

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1. Ask for feedback

Besides weekend waiting jobs, most graduates don’t have any experience in the workplace. They have no idea whether they are doing well or not but would love to know. The best way to approach this conundrum is to simply ask in a non-defensive and pleasant way. The trick is to make it less of an administrative, and more of a productive task for HR. Tell them you would love constructive criticism and that your goal is to improve. When you get feedback, don’t get defensive. Take it for what it is: useful -whether you agree with the feedback or not.

2. Find a mentor

The most talented employees are likely the employees with the most passion about their roles in the company. A well of information is available from these individuals, if only you seek them out. Most would gladly give new employees some informal mentoring.

3. Start early

Whether you are a morning person or not, show up early. It is very obvious if an employee consistently turns up late. Even if bosses appear to be relaxed, chances are that your reputation will be tarnished quickly if you are not tardy. If you regularly start early, it will be to your benefit.

4. Be humble

Even if you have an illustrious degree (or two) and an impressive academic history, don’t be arrogant. When you enter the working world you are not expected to manage your entire division, even if you were at the top of the class when you graduated. Accept that you are now at the beginning of a new chapter and enjoy the learning that goes with it.

5. Work with the boss

This does not mean you have to suck up to the boss; it is merely a way of improving communication and thus making things easier. Ask your superior what is expected of you and for tips on how to achieve your goals. They will not only appreciate your positive attitude, it will also improve their perception of your reliability. Don’t even bring your superior a problem without also suggesting potential solutions. Your boss will start associating your efforts with solutions instead of problems, which is very good for your future with the company.

6. Be enthusiastic

Say ‘Yes!’ to work and responsibilities. Not only will you impress the powers that be, you will also learn as you go along. A positive attitude is the way to success.

7. Don’t be afraid to ask for help

If you become overwhelmed or have concerns regarding your workload, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Whether you need help with prioritising or help with completing tasks, your employer will likely see this as a positive thing. One of the worst things in the working world is to over-commit and under-deliver.

8. Have fun

Once you have completed your studies and enter the working world, it is important for you not to lose sight of why you chose the career you did. Enjoy every moment of it!