Original Ways to Apply for a New Job

Outrageously Imaginative Job Applications

How people apply for work has shifted through the ages. In the era of the baby boomers it was not what you did, but more who you know, and jobs were agreed upon with a handshake and a dose of good faith. These days it takes a bit more to become gainfully employed. The global population has boomed and there are just not enough jobs for everybody. The unemployed are desperate to find new ways to stand out from the crowd, and some are starting to resort to interesting tactics when it comes to applying for a new job.
Like these guys:

Graeme Anthony

This marketing professional decided that the best way to showcase his skills is to do exactly that: showcase his skills. He made this video:

instead of typing up a CV. Luckily for him his video impressed people so much that it became viral very quickly – which happened just before he landed his dream job.

Then there is Matthew Epstein

This is another guy who made a video:

But Matthew did not just make a video – this intrepid young job seeker created an entire website to promote himself to Google. Although he did not impress Google enough for them to employ him, he landed a pretty nifty job with Sigfig.

Yasser Farishi Nazili decided to take the route of sincerity

Andreas Heeschen could only have been impressed with this young Indonesian’s candour in his application letter, lodged on Academia. Yasser’s lack of skills in English grammar is overshadowed by his openness and obvious passion for the industry. Whether Andreas Heeschen ever offered him a job is not known, but at least he would have known what he is getting into with the candidate openly admitting that he finds it ‘a little hard to get up in the morning’ and it is difficult for him to work with people who are ‘very bossy (not just bossy)’.

Adam Pacitti put a billboard up

After studying software development, doing door-to-door sales and working for Woolworths, Adam worked at an amusement arcade for a while. He didn’t want to pursue any of these jobs as a career and hoped to work in the media sector doing something creative. To get into this very tough industry, he put up a billboard: Employadam. The billboard read: ‘I spent my last £500 on this billboard, please give me a job’. Adam got a job, and he also got the girl of his dreams.

Josh Butler used ebay to advertise his skills

Another very sincere and original way of applying for a job is Josh Butler’s ebay listing. The 18-year old school leaver decided not to go to university but had trouble finding work without a degree. He put his CV on ebay in a heart-felt ad. Hopefully the young man got himself a good job where his originality is appreciated.

Originality does not always win

Although Matthew, Yasser, Adam and Josh impressed their audience, not everybody’s bright ideas go down well. One candidate did a back-flip into the interview room, another had his small daughter call the employer in advance to thank him for giving her Daddy a job, and yet another hopeful candidate had a beef stew delivered with a note saying ‘Eat hearty, and hire me’. While originality can help you land your dream job, being outrageous is not always a good idea.