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Benefits of Working at Squaremouth

Squaremouth Inc. is a small online travel insurance comparison company located in St. Petersburg, Florida in the United States. Travelers use the website to compare and purchase travel insurance from all the major providers in the United States using more than 40,000 customer reviews. Squaremouth was launched in 2006 and has since grown to over US$17 million in sales per annum.

Award-Winning Employee Benefits and Customer Service
Great Place to Work and Fortune Magazine named Squaremouth as number two on the 100 Best Workplaces for Women in 2015. In 2016 the company was given national recognition at the American Business Awards as having one of the top customer service teams. Squaremouth also received a second Stevie Award as Customer Service Department of the Year. With a zero complaint guarantee Squaremouth consistently receives top ratings from customers.

Satisfied Customers and Employees
Not only customers rate Squaremouth highly, the company also has 100% positive ratings from employees – and for good reason. With fun policies like giving employees unexpected surprises such as new iPads and Apple Watches, the Squaremouth work environment is highly sought after. A casual dress code and open work spaces with no assigned desks at the offices makes Squaremouth a casual atmosphere to work in. There is also access to a pool table, arcade games and what the company calls a ‘hangover couch’. Although Squaremouth offers a laidback work environment it is also fast-paced and offers fantastic opportunities for quick growth and promotion.

Work/Life Balance and Employee Health
Employees are rewarded for hard work with a generous quarterly bonus. The amount is dependent on the profits made by the company and usually increases the employee’s salary by thousands of dollars. To promote a healthy work/life balance, employees are required to take a minimum of 10 days off every year. When it comes to paid vacation, there is no maximum and employees are not limited by the reasons for taking time off – it can be to go on vacation, due to illness or for undisclosed personal reasons. Medical insurance is 100% paid by the company and the 401(k) contribution is matched up to 4%.

Birthdays are Great at Squaremouth
Birthdays are meant to be celebrated and filled with fun, and Squaremouth employees have even better birthdays than the average person. If the day falls on a week day, the employee has to take the day off. If it falls on a weekend, they have to take a day in the week before or after the birthday off. Every employee also gets a US$200 birthday beer bonus with their monthly salary.

It’s the Little Things That Make Life Easier
Hunger pangs are not good for productivity or employee satisfaction, and it’s not something that Squaremouth employees have to worry about. There is a range of breakfast foods available for free every day and also free snacks and beverages throughout the day. Employees can also make use of the discounted ticket policy to see their favourite artists, shows or games and can make use of the free dry-cleaning service.