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Working at Johnson & Son – Best People. Best Place.

SC Johnson & Son is a family company and this means that they are as committed to their employees as they are to their customers. As well as investing in developing its range of cleaning products, SC Johnson & Son also invest in people. From creating opportunities for career advancement to offering work/life programs, SC Johnson & Son creates an environment in which employees feel like part of a family.

Company Culture

Commitment to diversity and inclusion makes SC Johnson & Son employees of all backgrounds feel welcome. Everybody is treated with respect, fairness and integrity – making it easier for employees to do their work well. What makes working at SC Johnson & Son different to other companies is the focus on long term employment and growth instead of short term goals that are financially measured. The average term of employment at the company is 15 years. SC Johnson & Son takes pride in being known for having one of the best workplace environments in the United States, and for having a positive effect on the environment and local communities in which the company operates.

Skills Development and Career Opportunities

By taking personal and skills development seriously SC Johnson & Son is offering employees growth opportunities. Onsite mentoring, learning and performance management options are available to all staff members. Along with development, the company also offers ways in which this development can be practically applied in career advancement. Excellent opportunities matched to skillsets and personal needs are made available to staff members. This includes across the company job transfers and international job transfers.

Excellent Compensation and Benefits

SC Johnson & Son offers competitive compensation packages and a range of benefits like matching 401(k) contributions, bonus payments based on job performance, profit sharing and paid sabbaticals. Additional benefits include:
– An on-site concierge who takes care of errands
– Flexible work hours
– Counselling services
– Child care
– Scholarships