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Working at Legal Aid – Exceptional Opportunity for Growth

Not all companies offer the standard great benefits like free lunches, flexible hours and a retirement plan. Some companies, like Legal Aid, a South African law firm, offer a completely different set of perks.

Legal Aid is the largest law firm on the African continent. The company works to defend and protect the rights of the most vulnerable citizens, with special focus on children, women and the elderly. Legal Aid has a unique socially conscious approach and only employs legal professionals of a similar persuasion. Over 600 lawyers are recruited every year with the shared aim of transforming the profession.

Not Just a Job – a Career Path

Once a lawyer is recruited by Legal Aid, they are immediately given an extensive career path which offers the employee a fantastic opportunity to specialise in civil and criminal law. Future prospects include becoming a senior litigator, high court unit manager, national operations executive or a justice centre executive. To make it possible, Legal Aid offers:
– Company subsidised legal training
– Research and development
– Mentoring
– Exposure to intervention programmes
– Hands-on experience

Company Mission & Vision

The unique company benefits at Legal Aid tie in with the company’s mission and vision. Legal Aid aims to be an industry leader in providing accessible, ethical, sustainable and quality legal services to the underprivileged and vulnerable. Legal Aid is passionate about justice and strives to uphold the Constitution. The company core values are:

Ubuntu – All dealings with community, staff and clients are to be done respectfully, compassionately and with dignity. Prejudice based on gender, class, race and sexual orientation is not tolerated.

Integrity – Maintaining the highest ethical standards and maintaining honesty and fairness in all dealings.

Service Excellence – Achieving excellence in business dealings every day.
People-centric Development – Striving for a workplace in which opportunity, enthusiasm, teamwork and empowerment exists.