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Benefits of Working at HoneyBook

HoneyBook is a service that helps event arrangement professionals to connect in a productive way that benefits clients and vendors. It is an invite-only service that offers a collaborative platform that allows people to leverage network connections to win new business and organise events. It is suitable for event planners, photographers, party hosts and other industry professionals.

HoneyBook aims to arrange every aspect of the process seamlessly – from proposal to briefing – through to the event happening and payments made. HoneyBook’s business is to make sure that every event has the best potential of running smoothly. This is all made possible with the HoneyBook team working together in synergy.

Creating Unforgettable Moments

The employees of HoneyBook put every positive effort into making every event unfold into a few hours of magic. It is all about helping people to make memories.
HoneyBook started with four friends who were experiencing similar issues. They were newlyweds and struggling with the pain of planning major life events. After lumbering through an endless torrent of contracts, phone calls and emails Naama, Shadiah, Dror and Oz came to the conclusion that there has to be a better way. The four of them met with several creative businesses and their clients and founded HoneyBook – which revolutionised the way event pros run their companies.

HoneyBook Employee Benefits

Energised and motivated employees are essential to every successful company, and the HoneyBook team is kept on their toes with a comprehensive range of benefits. The HoneyBook team loves working at the sun-filled offices in Soma, which is conveniently located right next to Caltrain. Here they enjoy:
Excellent Compensation – It is important to HoneyBook that everybody feels invested in the company’s success. Employees can expect a competitive salary, a 401(k) plan and meaningful equity.

Healthcare coverage – Full medical, vision and dental is offered to all employees.
Free Meals – Nobody goes hungry or thirsty at HoneyBook. Employees enjoy catered lunches and a fully stocked kitchen where they can also have breakfast and snacks through the day.

HoneyBook Happiness

According to HoneyBook, and to research, work/life balance is essential to happiness. Because HoneyBook believes that it is critical to their success for employees to be happy, the company offers unlimited vacation time. There are also weekly themed happy hours at the offices. This has nothing to do with downing beer or shooters at a bar – it is way more fun than that! Every week an employee gets to pick an events industry theme of their choice, like karaoke, wine tastings or talent shows and the entire company get to enjoy the event. After all, their business is events.

Credits that Count

Besides all the standard, and fun benefits at HoneyBook, employees also get a range of other perks like:

  • Monthly personal development credit
  • To and from the office lift credit
  • Employees can choose which MacBook products they want to use
  • And don’t forget the free office slippers…