AnswerLab – Insights That Create Exceptional Digital Experiences

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AnswerLab is a consulting firm located in San Francisco in the United States. Although it is a relatively small company AnswerLab provides solutions to UX challenges to some of the most innovative brands in the world including Google, Amazon, Facebook, Walmart, FedEx and American Express. The company does research with the aim of finding data that would improve user engagement, increase conversion rates and reduce development costs.

Working at AnswerLab – The Team That Makes it Happen

The AnswerLab team consists of around 50 researchers, strategists, problem-solvers, facilitators and storytellers who share a passion for solving UX challenges in business. Led by CEO Amy Buckner Chowdhry, the team is known as leaders in user experience and has won the Fortune Best Place to Work for three consecutive years.

The Secret to Success at AnswerLab

According to AnswerLab the secret behind its success is the people that work there. To remain industry leaders in user experience, the company remains committed to employee experience. AnswerLab believes that people naturally want to work together and the company strives to give employees the required space and equipment to achieve effective engagement at work. AnswerLab also places focus on taking care of employees outside of work.

Improving Lives in Many Ways

Health and wellness – Known as the ‘Be Healthy Benefit’, the health and wellness program at AnswerLab reimburses employees for health and sports related purchases like gym memberships. The company also offers generous health benefits that include medical, dental and vision insurance and life insurance.

Flexible work arrangements – By offering generous vacation and holiday leave and flexibility in terms of work, excellent work/life balance is achieved. Employees are encouraged to work from where they are most productive, whether that is at home, in the office, in a garden, on the beach or in a coffee shop.

Family benefits – AnswerLab is committed to helping employees to achieve balance between being part of a family and being productive at work. For this reason, fathers and mothers both get four months of fully paid parental leave. There is also a generous stipend available to employees for reproductive services that will help cover the costs associated with the processes and procedures of becoming parents. For the furry members of the family AnswerLab offers pet insurance.

Personal development – New technologies are more accessible to AnswerLab employees with the ‘Tech Benefit’ initiative through which employees are reimbursed for technology related services and product purchases. This helps employees to easily explore and use the latest and greatest contemporary technology has to offer. The company also has a professional development program designed to cater to individual requirements.

Financial planning – AnswerLab help employees to look after their current and future finances by offering a 401k profit sharing plan, flexible spending accounts and a commuter benefit program.