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HR and U shines the spotlight on a department that usually remains behind the scenes – Human Resources. HR is about finding the right people for the job and empowering them in order to enhance productivity and insure high quality. It’s a fascinating and complex field. Always interesting, never easy. So if you’re in HR and searching for inspiration, or if you’re job hunting and looking for some tips, HR and U is the place for you.

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5 Top Cities to Live and Work in

Have Resume, Will Immigrate? Whether it’s nomadic blood or a gypsy soul, some people just have the urge to explore faraway places. They have the need to delve into foreign customs and to be immersed [...]

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What’s Changed in HR, and what are HR Leaders Doing About it? While some call it obstacles, thought leaders recognize shifting times as growth and know that the hurdles they face are merely trends they [...]

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Are you itching for change? If you need a new hairstyle, you’d go to a hairdresser right? Well if you are considering changing jobs; remember the grass is not always greener on the other side [...]

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We all have to work to afford to live in what we perceive as comfort, and we have to start somewhere. Some of us are natural born academics, and spending years in university followed by [...]

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